East West Rail: Select the Best Route for Bedford

BFARe is a grassroots campaign fighting against East West Rail’s preferred Route E through Bedford and North of Bedford. We are working to influence the Government, Bedford Borough Council and East West Rail to reconsider this environmentally destructive route and make a better choice for Bedford.



BFARe has developed leaflets, garden signs and banners to help raise awareness of the current route issues.

Please click this link to download and print our low resolution leaflets to help spread awareness through your own communities.

Click on the picture below to find out more about our leaflets, garden signs and banners and how to download or order them.


East West Rail: Re-Run a Shortlisted Route Options Consultation

The BFARe campaign is petitioning for the original 2019 Bedford to Cambridge route selection process to be re-run.   The re-consultation needs thorough notification to all households affected. It must focus on the best environmental outcome. 

East West Rail: Run an Open Whole Life Environmental Assessment

The BFARe campaign is petitioning for Full Life Environmental Impact to be prioritised.  Delicate country ecosystems and wildlife habitats must be avoided.


East West Rail: Provide Comparative Costings on a Level Playing Field Basis

The BFARe campaign demands East West Rail undertake a detailed and fully transparent re-calculation of the route assessment criteria on a level playing field basis including costs.

East West Rail: Provide Full Disclosure of Freight Plans

We need a publicly available, detailed re-calculation of route assessment criteria on a level playing field basis.



Images by Jetinder Dhaliwal. Images are based on the EWR consultation documentation published in March 2021 and may not reflect the final route. They are for illustrative purposes ONLY.