Re-Run a Shortlisted Route Options Consultation

Re Run the Consultation

The BFARe campaign is petitioning for a re-run of the original 2019 public consultation into East West Rail from Bedford to Cambridge.  

The re-consultation must be based on thorough notification to all households in affected areas

It should focus on driving the best environmental outcome and should consider Route E and an amended Route B.

The New Consultation Must Provide:-

  • Updated and comparative cost information for each potential route
  • Full disclosure of the freight use of each potential route and its impacts
  • Consideration of other alternative route options including use of existing transport corridors

The original consultation was misleading – it contained cost estimates that were updated, without public communication, during the process.  This misled the public into pre-empting the likely result and not responding.

Many residents were not contacted, or do not remember being contacted.  Either way this shows ineffective communication on behalf of EWR and Bedford Borough Council.

The Consultation must be re-run.

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