Provide comparative Costings for ALL Routes

Complete Comparative Costings

The BFARe campaign demands East West Rail undertake a detailed and fully transparent re-calculation of the route assessment criteria on a level playing field basis including costs.

The assessment criteria and resulting data regarding the route selection is severely lacking.  The BFARe campaign has grave concerns that decisions were taken without complete transparency. 

Our concerns include:-

  • The Route Costings changed during consultation without explanation or communication to the public – this has a disproportionate impact on skewing the decision:
  • The whole life impact of freight has not been considered in the costings.
  • That the whole-life environmental impact has not been considered
  • That Route E has undergone cost optimisation work – this has not been applied to other routes.

We need a publicly available, detailed re-calculation of route assessment criteria on a level playing field basis.

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