Guide to Responding to EWR Route Alignment Consultation 2021

  1. Please do respond.  Remember – this is your opportunity to formally have your say, and the purpose of the consultation is to gather feedback.
  2. It is important the EWR are made aware of your opinions.  The more responses they get highlighting the issues, the more impact we will have.
  3. We recommend you respond multiple times: e-mail, letter, phone, the online forms.
  4. We won’t be providing a “template” response – these are easily dismissed in the review of consultations.  However we have some messages that you can put into your own words.
  5. There are 2 separate subjects here:
    1. We need to emphasise that the 2019 consultation was flawed, therefore this 2021 consultation is based on flawed information.
    1. You should give your opinion as to which alignment suits you better – 1, 9 or neither – BFARe won’t share an opinion on that, because it will be different for each of us.

Letter Response

Send your letter to:


East West Rail

E-mail response

Send your e-mail to:


Call: 0330 1340067


Start your e-mail/letter/call with:

“I am responding to your public consultation dated April-June 2021 and wish this letter/email to be considered as my formal response.”

Add the following points in your own words:

  • 2019 Route Selection consultation was flawed and should be re-consulted:
    • Inadequate communication and consultation
    • Misleading information that changed during the process without notifying the public
    • Did not include Freight, which is becoming increasingly evident EWR will need to support
    • Did not include the destruction of homes now come to light
    • Had undemocratic influence from Bedford Borough Council
  • The 2021 consultation:
    • Does not contain sufficient information to make a decision
    • The timescales are inadequate to review, absorb and respond to all the information
    • Does not allow open and transparent engagement with the public due to COVID restrictions.
    • Alternative routes for Cambridge are being considered – why not for Bedford?
    • Express any preference you have for route options and any issues you have identified.

Webform response

We encourage you to respond as you see fit to the web form.  Here are a few things that you might want to include:

Question 1 – Approach to Cambridge:

Why is the route in and around Bedford not also being considered for change as well as Cambridge?

Question 2: – The Train Service

To support your zero carbon ambitions you could choose a shorted, flatter, straighter route to the South of Bedford.

Question 3: – Station Experience

An out of town station would provide a more environmentally friendly experience, causing less traffic, air quality issues and disruption than choking up Bedford town centre.

A Parkway station would be better than providing an interchange at Bedford Midland.

Section C: Bedford

Question 33: Bedford Area

Work in the area in and around St Johns and Bedford Midland stations should cause minimal disruption to roads, bridges and homes. A better solution would be not to disturb them at all by having a route south of Bedford with an in-out arrangement for EWR passenger trains. This would also mean Freight can bypass to the south.

Question 36: Emerging preferred Route

The route decision should be revisited in the light of the disruption to roads, bridges and homes. A route that avoids the town centre as much as possible should be chosen.

Question 37: Bromham Road Bridge

The route decision should be revisited in the light of the disruption to roads, bridges and homes. A route that avoids the town centre as much as possible should be chosen.

Question 39: Route Alignment for Clapham Green to Eversdens

Route E is unsuitable for EWR – the route needs reconsidering in the light of new information on freight and disruption to the environment, roads, bridges and homes.

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