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Recent Election Results – A Sign of the Times?

Local Political Leaders who Supported and Lobbied East West Rail Were Voted Out Regardless of Party

BFARe Campaigner Adam writes to Simon Blanchflower, Director of East West Rail…

“I write to you with regards to your engagement with England’s Economic Heartland, local authorities and the recent local elections.

It is striking how many leaders who had supported / lobbied East West Rail Co’s decision-making to date who were either voted out, or whose parties will lose control of their Local Authorities, regardless of their party.

England’s Economic Heartland Leadership members are:

  • Ian Hudspeth, Leader – Oxfordshire County Council –
  • Steve Count, Leader – Cambridgeshire County Council
  • Mayor James Palmer, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority
  • Mayor Dave Hodgson – Bedford Borough Council*
  • Richard Wenham, Leader – Central Bedfordshire Council
  • David Williams, Leader – Hertfordshire County Council
  • Hazel Simmons, Leader – Luton Council
  • Peter Marland, Leader – Milton Keynes Council
  • Matt Golby, Leader – Northamptonshire County Council
  • David Renard, Leader – Swindon Borough Council

* Lost Election

* Lost control of Local Authority

*Mayor Dave Hodgson was not up for election this year.  [N.B. Dave Hodgson is currently Chair of England’s Economic Heartland’s Strategic Transport Forum.]

It is clear that communities between Oxford to Cambridge feel that their local government elected representatives have failed to represent their interests. 

  • Why did East West Rail Co launch a consultation to run over key local government elections?
  • How is East West Rail Co taking into account these election results?
  • How will East West Rail Co have sufficient time to engage the new leadership across the relevant authorities?
  • Will you extend the consultation to allow for adequate engagement including physical meetings?”

11 May, 2021